Family cabin

Facilities of this Cabin for Large Families and Groups:

-Five rooms: bedroom, kitchen – dining room, large balcony overlooking the pool and mountains, balcony with bar overlooking Rio Escondido, attic bedroom. 
-All unit on the second floor.
-Outdoor dining area.
-Private bathroom. 
-Toilet paper.
-Internet via WiFi.
-Equipped kitchen.
-Dining room set. 
-Chairs and table set on balcony for 4.
-Bar with view for 6.
-Mini Bar. 
-Electric kettle. 
-Rice cooker. 
-Electric frying pan. 
-Two cabins for 4.
-Two cabins for 4.
-One cabin for 3.
-King mattress in attic bedroom for 2.
-Single mattress in attic bedroom for 1.
-Air conditioning. 
-TV with Cable Service. 
-Parking on the property.
-Option to arrive early or leave late for the convenience of guests

Advantages over other cabins

One thing is that you read this review and another is that you live the experience of staying in this cabin and enjoy it with your whole family or group of friends. The fresh atmosphere and cozy ambiance make for a unique stay. Take a look at the pictures and be amazed with such a cabin. 

This cabin undoubtedly surpasses all others in La Fortuna for its large size and ease to accommodate up to 12 people. Other additional advantages are the following:

-AN UNPARALLELED PRICE: Write to us directly to know your rate per night according to the members of your group or family. We will surprise you, that’s for sure. Remember that this cabin can accommodate from 5 to a maximum of 12 people. You can find many cabins in La Fortuna with cheaper rates, but not with the capacity to accommodate all that amount of people at the same time you will hardly find it.

Although this cabin is large in size, its modern design, nice finishes, comfort, surrounded by natural environment and of course its five rooms will make this cabin one of the best options to stay in the northern part of the country.

-IDEAL FOR LARGE FAMILIES AND GROUPS:In a cabin as spacious as this you can easily share with your family and group of friends a different experience, hesitate, joke, enjoy your drinks or snacks on their balconies or simply if you just want to listen to the sounds of nature. It is definitely an experience that you must live and most likely you will want to repeat in the near future. 

-perfect location:
This cabin is located 2.5 kilometers from the center of La Fortuna, on the road to San Ramon and is easily accessible, by car it takes 5 minutes to the center of town. The highlight is that despite the proximity to the city, its perfect location near Rio Escondido makes it a cabin to rest, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy the sounds of nature. In addition this cabin for families in La Fortuna is located 5 km from the waterfall La Fortuna, 7 km from many options of hot springs with all kinds of prices. 

-POOL AND JACUZZI ON PROPERTY: In other cabins guests can simply stay, but to complement your stay it is always nice to enjoy a refreshing pool and even better if there is also a jacuzzi on the property. These facilities are included for all our visitors. Undoubtedly a pl