Romantic cabin

Facilities of this romantic cabin for couples:

-Four rooms: bedroom, kitchen-dining room, balcony overlooking the pool and mountains, balcony overlooking the pool and Rio Escondido.
-All unit on the second floor.
-Outdoor dining area.
-Private bathroom.
-Toilet paper.
-Internet via WiFi
-Equipped kitchen
-Dining room set.
-Mini Bar.
-Electric kettle.
-Rice cooker.
-Electric frying pan.
-Queen size bed.
-Air Conditioning.
-TV with Cable Service.
-Parking on the property.
-Option to arrive early or leave late for guests’ convenience

Advantages over other cabins

The most important thing when choosing this cabin is to know that its good space allows the comfortable stay of all guests, this cabin can certainly be complemented with some of the others that are equipped and would certainly be a perfect choice for several nights. The advantages it offers compared to other cabins in La Fortuna are:

-AN UNPARALLELED PRICE: Although there are cabins in La Fortuna with cheaper rates, there is none that offers the guarantees of quality, modernity, comfort and safety that the cabin for couples of Rio Escondido Cabins, thought in value for money, with this cabin you can certainly extend your vacation more days. Its comfortable price makes it an economical option, your vacation will be perfect for more days.

For those couples who really care about comfort, relaxation and rest, this cabin has the right dimensions. In addition to being large and spacious with its four rooms, this cabin is designed with couples in love in mind, as we explain below.

-IDEAL FOR COUPLES:In a cabin of this size in the middle of nature you can easily share with your partner listening to the sounds of nature, enjoy drinks with the sound of the environment in one of the balconies will certainly create unforgettable moments that will mark your relationship with your loved one.

-PERFECT LOCATION:This cabin is located 2.5 kilometers from the center of La Fortuna, road to San Ramon and is easily accessible, by car it takes 5 minutes to the center of the city. The highlight is that despite the proximity to the city, its perfect location near Rio Escondido makes it a cabin to rest, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy the sounds of nature. In addition this cabin for couples in La Fortuna is located 5 km from the waterfall La Fortuna, 7 km from many options of hot springs with all kinds of prices.

-POOL AND JACUZZI ON PROPERTY: In other cabins guests can simply stay, but to complement your stay it is always nice to enjoy a refreshing pool and even better if there is also a jacuzzi on the property. These facilities are included for all our visitors. Undoubtedly a plus to keep us in mind as a great lodging option.

-SAFETY: One of the biggest concerns when staying in a cabin in the countryside is security, because of its location away from the city and surrounded by a very quiet neighborhood, this cabin for couples provides the ideal security measures for our visitors to stay without worries.

-GRILL AREA: Among the facilities offered by the property is the BBQ area near the pool and jacuzzi, this area has its own rancho to shelter from the rains and the sun, and it is located near the pool and jacuzzi.