Río Escondido Treasury

Includes its own private rancho with grill ideal for those family gatherings where the important thing is to share with loved ones or groups of friends.

Surrounded by gardens

Our gardens combine with the scenic landscape of the mountains providing that unique atmosphere of natural tranquility.

Large bedrooms

It has 4 bedrooms where up to 20 people can be comfortably accommodated.

No doubt your family will stay comfortably at Hacienda Rio Escondido, it also has 3 bathrooms, wide corridors and a swimming pool. 

Hacienda Río Escondido is part of Cabañas Río Escondido and features living room, TVs, cable service, swimming pool, large equipped kitchen, dining set, refrigerator, cutlery, glasses, plates and spoons, air-conditioned bedrooms, Internet and many more facilities