Waterfall La Fortuna

It is a natural space sustainably managed by the Association for Integral Development of La Fortuna (ADIFORT), a non-profit organization founded on August 31, 1969, whose main objective is to ensure the welfare and growth of the community of La Fortuna through the implementation of works in education, road infrastructure, environment, promotion of sports and culture, beautification of the community and strengthening public safety; projects that are possible to implement thanks to the funds raised with the visit of each tourist to this natural space.

The Fortuna River Waterfall is located in a biological reserve with an area of 210 hectares of premontane tropical rainforest transition, is part of the Arenal Volcano National Park and is located 520 meters above sea level, where the springs of our mountains and the waters of the Fortuna River emerge. Within this sector is the Cerro de los Perdidos, the Placas de Mayo and Cerro Chato, which are sustained on rocky bases of great geological value, originating in turn an exuberant vegetation and scenic beauty.

To observe this splendorous waterfall of 70 meters high, the visitor will have to overcome a path of approximately 530 steps, for which the greatest security is offered to its passage and comfortable zones of rest and hydration, through a forest with native trees of the zone. Once in front of the waterfall, you will find a large and comfortable viewpoint from which you can freeze your memories through unique and unpublished photographs, and finally you can take a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of the Fortuna River and with a unique witness (the Fortuna River Waterfall).

Fortuna River Waterfall Tour

The tour to the Fortuna River Waterfall is self-guided, we have ample parking space, which is offered free of charge, as well as restrooms, dressing rooms, showers, locker rental, souvenir stores, viewpoints, an orchid garden and the particular restaurant Rio Lounge.

We have accessibility for people with disabilities who can not go down the steps to the Catarata; and for them we offer the view of the Catarata from the first viewpoint, from this point you can see the waterfall at a distance of 200 meters with the best pictures; but you can also take the tour to the orchid garden.

The route consists of about 530 steps down to reach the imposing Rio Fortuna Waterfall, where the peace and majesty of nature will make you enjoy its crystal clear waters and the scenic beauty of the place.